The downloadable files are in executable form.  This means that when you download them they will unzip and place themselves.

It is suggested that when downloading this files you keep a couple of things in mind

1)    Create a download directory, this will allow you to keep track of where they are going when you download them.  I recommend just making a download directory on your C:\  drive.

2)    Make sure you have the room that you need on your hard drive or floppy.  The size of these files will make it hard for you to fit them onto floppies so be warned that you might want to try downloading onto the hard drive of your computer.

3)    You will need office 97 to view these files.  I think that you can view some of the slides in office 95 but, I'm not sure.

4)    These files will take awhile to download.  Depending on your modem speed this could take awhile so be warned.

5)    I scanned all of these files through two virus software programs, so to my knowledge they are clean but, as always be careful when downloading over the internet.

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